Saturdays will be closed for summer ☀️ Sundays available!


Mount Charleston; Picture perfect weather all year round - with multiple areas ranging from distant mountains, to forests of wild blooms. If you're seeking a true forest location, or to beat the heat, this may be for your best fit.

  1. Echo Trail Head - Wild yellow blooms from Spring - Fall, and Snow in the winter.
  2. Mary Jane - Open area, with trees surrounding.
  3. Overlook - 20-40 minute hike, over looking trees and a view of Kyle Canyon.
  4. Lee Canyon - Open area with distant mountains. 

Desert; Rather you're seeking a lush green location, Joshua trees or a barren sandy desert Las Vegas has it all. 

Floyd Lamb; Greenery, historical buildings and simple white fence.

Red Rock; Stunning sunsets, deep red rocks, and small greenery to add contrast.

Gilcrease Orchard; Lines of apple trees, pumpkin patches, and privacy. **$75 hourly rental charge - Best during March - November

River; Roughly a 90 minute drive, this location offers an out of Las Vegas experience. Rocky shores, that give way to beautiful water sunsets. **$65 travel fee, waved on Heirloom packages

Dunes; A roughly 90 minute drive reveals huge dunes, with the most ideal unset. Want to feel out of this world dreamy? This is the perfect location. **$95 travel fee

Neon Museum; VEGAS BABY! All the old neon signs from the strip and beyond. **$50+ hourly charge

Dry Lake Bed; Vast dry lake bed, beautiful sunsets or sunrises. 

Nelsons Landing; Old buildings, classic cars, and fun props. **$20 hourly fee, +$50 travel fee